Common Colds in children

Common Colds in children

The ‘common cold’ is caused by viruses that infect the nose, throat and sinuses. Mostly people infected in winter when all are indoors and in close contact with each other.

It may seem like your child has one cold after another all winter. Young children haven’t built up immunity (defenses) to the more than 100+ different cold germs that are around. That’s why they can get as many as 8 to 10 colds each year before they turn 2 years old.

Once you have had a cold virus, you become immune to that specific germ. That’s why children get fewer colds as they get older.

How do colds extend?

Children fall in cold by their siblings, parents, other family members, playmates or caregivers. Germs usually spread in one of three ways:

How can you check your child affect with germs

Typical cold symptoms include:

  1. Runny or stuffed-up nose and sneezing,
  2. Coughing,
  3. Headache,
  4. Mild sore throat,
  5. Loss of appetite,
  6. Fatigue (being tired), and
  7. Mild fever.