Fitness secret of Narendra Modi

Fitness secret of Narendra Modi

There are a lots of things riveting about Narendra Modi, people consider him the man of the moment. He has come a long way – from a tea seller to Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) pracharak, to chief minister of Gujarat, to the Prime Minister of India. 


While Modi has been excellent and adored for his economic policies and growth model in Gujarat, the man has also caught eyeballs with his young and fit body and amazing enthusiasm.


Despite being a busy man, he managed health with a combination of exercise and diet. These are the secret of PM’s fitness.


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He born in 17 September 1950, full name is Narendra Damodardas Modi popularly known as Narendra Modi. He begins his day with yoga.


Narendra Modi’s PA says, he is an early bird – he gets up well before 5 a.m and start the yoga for next half an hours. After that he reads newspaper.


About Narender Modi's  Meal
He is vegetarian. He loves siple food like bhakhri (crispy rotis) and khichdi made in Gujarati style. His intake snacks on light food such as poha, idli or dosa.

He is theism. He fasts all nine days during Navratra every year – eating only one fruit a day during this time. He goes for office early in the morning and work till 10PM, if requires.He sleeps for only five fours, sometimes less than that.

He also suggest to the youth that if you want to stay fit and fresh; enjoy your life with yoga, healthy food, and time table.