Go green with long life

Go green with long life

Carnivorous people once again shocked when they find out that their age will be reduced by eating meat. It’s funny but true, many research it has been noticed that people’s lives vegetarian, non-vegetarian people live longer and healthier than it is.


Lower risk of death

Vegetarians have significantly reduced the amount of unsaturated fats in the body which regulates the cholesterol remains the problem of blockages due to which he is non-existent, and so have no fear of sudden death.


Reduced risk of Cancer

In Non veg dead organisms whose cells are transformed into the body when consumed, sometimes these changes can cause fatal disease like cancer. Some research has shown that vegetarians have a lower risk of getting cancer.


Low blood pressure

blood pressure carnivorous ones, ie blood pressure is often wrong. On average, vegetarians are less people blood pressure related problems.


Lower risk of diabetes

People who consume meat may feel bad knowing that if he did not bring meat diet improved so they are prone to diabetes. Blood sugar levels of meat consumption increases and an increase in weight, thereby having diabetes Chances are high.


Vegetarian People have to reduce heart-related problems, but also in the hearts of people, the number of patients is much higher carnivores. There are many such points based on which it may be clear that the end is why vegetarian longer life expectancy.