Health Tips Protein required in a Day

Health Tips Protein required in a Day

When we think about protein, athletes and bodybuilders may always come to mind, but there’s much more to it than increasing muscle mass for us. Protein plays an important role in keeping your body healthy and fit. So, how much protein do you need? And is there such a thing as too much?


The Body’s Workhorse
Proten is the essential for you from your hair to your toenails. It is a primary component of every organ and system in your body. Proteins are also the body’s workhorses.


How Much Protein Do You Need?
The amount of protein you need varies by age and gender as well. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provides the following  recommended dietary allowances (RDA).


Age Groups

Grams of Protein Needed Each Day

Children, ages 1 to 3


Children, ages 4 to 8


Children, ages 9 to 13


Girls, ages 14 to 18


Boys, ages 14 to 18


Women, ages 19 to 70 and older


Men, ages 19 to 70 and older



Negative Effect from Protein

Too much protein in your diet can be a huge problem. Too much protein may strain your kidneys. People who are most at risk of this are those who are in the early stages of kidney disease and don’t yet know they have it.


In our life protein plays an important role. It maintains our whole body and repairs our tissue. The trick to balancing these functions is knowledge of how much protein your body needs each day.