How Slow Down your Metabolism by Morning Mistakes

How Slow Down your Metabolism by Morning Mistakes

Experts say morning is of the best time to affect metabolism process. Metabolism is the rate of burning of sugar and release of energy under body. If the metabolic rate is slow it leads to accumulation of fats and sugars in the system which in turn leads to weight gain by your body. So you are targeting weight loss, we are sharing certain mistakes which you might be making resulting in slowing down of the metabolism rate.

Intake food not on time

Many people repeat this mistake on daily basis. Most of the people do not have time to have breakfast when they rushing off to their work or to drop the kids off to school. However, experts say skipping breakfast can be worse for your health. It will slow down your metabolism rate for hole day. As the body is not provided adequate amount of food, the brain signals to the body to conserve energy.

Not Exercising

Experts has proved that one keeps burning calories even after 24 hours after workout, especially when one does resistance training form of exercises. They also has proven that morning exercise leads to more calories being brunt than exercising at any other time of the day. So if you have no time to go for gym for workout, do it at your home for short time.