Obesity A Guide for Parents

Obesity A Guide for Parents

In India approximately 1 in 5 teenage boys considered obese. Obese teens are at high risk for health problems and struggle with low self-esteem and poor body image. This article is created to answer the most commonly asked questions regarding obesity in young men.


How to know if your son is overweight or obese?
First of all your son’s health care provider (HCP) will calculate his BMI and BMI percentile to identify if he is overweight or obese. The BMI is a tool that factors in your son’s height as well as weight. Your son would be classified as overweight if his BMI percentile is between the 85th and 95th percentile, and obese if his BMI percentile is over 95th percentile (meaning that 95 out of 100 boys his age have a lower BMI). BMI generally does a good job of classifying people into the appropriate weight category, but it’s not a perfect screening tool because it’s not a direct measure of body fat. Suppose your son is very muscular and active as well, he may have a higher than normal BMI even though his weight isn’t unhealthy for his height. However, if your son is inactive most of the time or is only active sometimes, it’s very likely his BMI is an appropriate measure for being overweight.


What need to do to maintain a healthy weight for your child ?

To maintain a healthy weight, your son should:


Should be limit fast food to no more than 1 time per week and choose a healthy option if possible. Do something physically active every day, such as playing a sport or going for a walk. Limit his TV/computer time (not including school work) to less than 2 hours per day. It is very helpful for parents to address obesity problems during the teen years to prevent weight-related health problems. However, always keep in your mind that a teen’s weight is determined by many factors. Since teens can be more sensitive about their bodies and their weight, your son’s health care provider should be the one to provide a professional opinion regarding weight management.

You can encourage his health goals by providing support and/or modifying your home environment. Make sure to support your son and promote healthy self-esteem regardless of his weight.