Roger Federer Diet Plan N Workout Routine

Roger Federer Diet Plan N Workout Routine

No need of any introduction. He is second best tennis player in the world, a deed genius by the sportsman with constant determination on target and hard work.

He born in 8 August 1981 and started playing tennis at the age of 7, but his talent got noticed in 1998. He play tennis in own form and always beat the player. Behind this, a proper diet and fitness is involved. Let’s find out the secret:

Roger Federer Workout Routine


Lateral Lunge with Twist:
To make lower body stronger and more flexible, this is one of the best exercise ever. For a tennis player it is necessary to keep strong their lower body. This exercise also increases the muscle coordination.


Medicine Ball Toss:
It helps to improve the body’s range of motion and results in development of base strength, better muscle coordination and increased flexibility. It also strengthens the upper and lower body. This exercise can be done with or without a partner.


Skipping Rope:
This is one of the most common exercises and Federer makes sure to do skipping on a daily basis. This exercise can be done anywhere, but always mind about the speed. Increase speed only if you are quite confident, as you can trip and injure your body. Always try to add some variation to the exercise, so that you don’t end up getting bored by doing the same thing daily.


Roger Federer Diet

Roger has a very tough schedule regarding diet, but he manages to keep in shape all the time. But, here are a few diet suggestions that can help you maintain a similar fitness level. All these tips are quite easy to follow and can be adopted. Make sure to have evenly spaced meals.


At least 10 hours in a day need to sleep, whenever possible. A good night’s sleep will help in maintaining mental peace, which is important to stay focused.