Top 05 foods to boost your workout results

Top 05 foods to boost your workout results

If you really want to enhance your workout results, then it is not enough to just exercise but also to diet or eat right. In order to achieve this, you must need to balance the intake of carbohydrates and proteins as well. Eating right will not only help you fuel your body but also help increase your endurance levels. Here are some top foods to boost your workout results.


We all know that taking an apple in a day would keep the doctor away, it is also a good food that would help you increase your endurance levels. Apples are rich in an antioxidant called the quercetin. This ingredient that is present in the fruit would help you do exercises for a longer period of time by supplying more oxygen to the lungs.


you don’t need to drink any energy drink after your workout. In fact, the best natural energy drink is either milk or chocolate milk. Both of these contain a mix of carbohydrates and proteins.


Energy bars
You can take energy bars before your workout since these will increase your energy levels in your body and thereby help you to reduce weight faster. However, make sure that the sugar levels in the energy bars are not higher than those in candy bars.


If you are not supposed to eat anything that is heavy before your workout and would require remaining hungry for a few times during your workout, you would need to consider taking oatmeal. It is a great source of energy, especially when you add a fruit or two to it. It is rich in fiber and facilitate the slow release of carbohydrates, thus ensuring that you get a steady supply of energy during your workout.


Orange juice
It is most important to wad the fluids that have been lost from the body during your workout. Intake orange juice will help you feel fresh even after your workout since it contains potassium and Vitamin D.

Most fruits contain the nutrients that are essential to help recover the muscles that have faced a lot of wear and tear during your workout.